Depending on student skills

  • Nature - Relative to shape and textures, exploring space
  • Portrait - Other artist work, figures as an informed space
  • 3D - Collage Connecting Shapes
  • Fantasy - Comic, illustration

Creative Level

  • Self Expression
  • Technical Skills
  • Inventing
  • Innovation

The Classes on offer: Having Fun at after school Art Classes!

All skill levels welcomed!
These classes take the learner on a journey to learn a variety of Eastern and Western art forms inspired by renowned artists and their techniques. The focus of all the classes relate to Wade-Leeuwen (2016) research into creativity and how to develop new ways of seeing when working independently and collaboratively on art projects.

 All students will be encouraged to explore the visual and performing arts with emphasis on working collaboratively in small groups as well as independently.

Shifting learner’s explorations in 2-D to 3-D or 4-D materials through traditional to contemporary practices. Different exercises offered at each session will explore elements of the creative design process such as: point, line, shape, form, texture, pattern and light. Additionally, students will learn how to apply the design principles to make their compositions dynamic and unique.

Each course aims to develop student’s confidence and skill to increase curiosity and imagination and creativity so they can work with 21st century challenges through art making.

The materials are provided under the course costs.
However, additional costs could be requested depending on the subject covered.

Classes: 3.15-5.15pm
Basic Drawing
Acrylic Painting
3-D Sculpture classes
Moku Watercolours
Traditional Chinese Crafts

Children Must Be Signed In By A Parent Or Guardian And Signed Out At The End Of The Sessions On Collection. Children Are Not Allowed To Wander Out Of Classes Unsupervised!

These classes are the foundation for all the other classes. Students will explore the fundamentals of basic drawing techniques required to become confident in drawing. Students will be guided by the teacher to develop basic skills such as how to hold the pencil for optimal use, develop their own individual approaches while gaining a firm foundation of basic drawing skills using a range of mediums. Subject matter will include: still-life, natural forms, drawing from the figure, photos and collaborative projects.

This course explores the use of various mediums in producing acrylic paintings inspired by the learner’s interests and teacher’s discretion. In this guided step by step course students will learn the basics of how to lay out the palette with warm and cool colours. Explore how to create layered colours in their work and appreciate different tonal values. Techniques include: blending, impasto and modelling forms with different mediums on a variety of paper and canvas surfaces. Subjects include how to draw from nature, covering organic and natural elements, the human body, fantasy and working from your imagination.

2020, Dr Wade conducted several Fresco Workshops at Macquarie University as well as in local primary schools. Informed by her fieldwork in Austria, Italy and Hawaii, Dr Wade initially trained in the traditional Italian Fresco medium at the Salzburg Summer Academy before working with Master Artists, Juliette May Fraser in Hawaii with volcanic ash.
This course Investigate various natural subject matter using modelling 3-Dimensional techniques. Students will be guided and challenged to create natural forms with negative and positive spaces using a variety of material such as clay, plaster and wood to interpret and recreate their relationship with nature and local wildlife with the aim of exploring their own notions of living in sustainable worlds.

Dr Wade has been teaching Moku (ink-splash) watercolour classes for the past two decades at the Workshop Art Centre, Willoughby and at other art schools. These Moku watercolour classes will explore traditional Eastern painting principles and combines these with Western watercolour techniques to create a unique contemporary approach to painting. Dr Wade studied at the famous Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts in Singapore where she learnt from several renown masters of the brush. The aim of these classes is to stimulate learners’ imagination and curiosity to stimulate the senses of the artist.
Each student will learn how to develop their own style of painting informed by tradition and famous artists across time. Classes will focus on elements such as: mindfulness and ritual breathing, exploring how to incorporate the classical four treasures while understanding the three perfections in Eastern artmaking. Specific elements will include explorations in tiered perspective, working with the four seasons of birds and flowers or learning how to create a sense of depth in landscape painting. Dr Wade explores variations with colour experimentations from Eastern and Western perspectives. Shifting the learners to move between images of realism and abstraction.

These classes are designed to learn about Chinese traditional arts and crafts such as paper-cutting, embroidery and ….